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Custom Metal Fabrication of a Steel Feed Hopper

Serving as an example of our top-notch custom metal fabrication operations, the feed hopper, displayed to the right, was manufactured by Richard L. Sensenig for the mineral grinding industry. Meeting tolerances down to 1/16", we used a combination of our plasma cutting, saw cutting, rolling, welding, and drilling technology to manufacture different hopper configurations from carbon steel.

This feed hoppers measured 18' x 15' x 8', and possessed both curved and oval features. Richard L. Sensenig completed these units within a short, 8- to 10-week lead time, meeting high industry standards and customer requirements. Our fabrication services fulfilled all expectations for quality craftsmanship.

  Custom Metal Fabrication of Steel Feed Hopper
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Custom Metal Fabrication of Steel Feed Hopper
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Custom Metal Fabrication Project Details

Capabilities Applied/Processes Plasma Cutting
Saw Cutting
Overall Part Dimensions Material Thickness: 3/8", 1/2", 3/4"
Length: 18'
Width: 15'
Height 8'
Tightest Tolerances ±1/16"
Material Used Carbon Steel
Material Finish Unfinished
Features Curved & Oval Components
Industry for Use Mineral Grinding
Volume 10 of Various Configurations Over Time
Turnaround Time 8 to 10 Weeks Ea.
Delivery Location USA
Standards Met AWS
Customer Supplied Drawings and Specifications
Product Name Feed Hopper
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