Celebrating 60 Years of Roofing and Metal Fabrication Service

After returning from the Korean War in 1955, Richard Sensenig spent three years learning the roofing trade, but quickly decided he wanted something more for his family. On August 1,1958 he founded the Richard L. Sensenig Company and was joined by his brother Victor. Another brother Edward, joined them a few months later; and they started installing commercial and residential roofing in and around the Ephrata area.

As the company continued to grow and expand, they incorporated in 1965 and started to focus on the sheet metal market. They cultivated a reputation for quality service and customers started requesting more from the sheet metal craftsmen. As a result, in 1985, the Industrial Metals division was officially founded to serve the local manufacturing sector's needs for custom metal fabrication. Since that time, the Industrial Metals division has expanded to not only include custom fabrications, but also structural steel and miscellaneous metals fabrication and installation as well.

In 1990 Richard's three sons, Kevin, Cory and Kirby Sensenig became part of the business after working in almost every capacity throughout the company during the late 70's and early 80's. They started their working careers part time during their summer breaks, sweeping floors and mowing the grass. Later on, they spent their days installing roofs and fabricating sheet metal in order to learn the business from the bottom up.

Today, 60 years after the Richard L. Sensenig Company was founded, their employee base is over 80 people strong. The company's second and third generation management team attributes its success to the hard work and dedication of its entire staff. "Our employees are our greatest asset" is a saying echoed by the entire management team.

The Richard L. Sensenig Company is a full service, award winning commercial and industrial roofing contractor that specializes in single ply membrane roofing, built up roofing and standing seam metal roofing systems. Their maintenance department not only performs emergency leak repairs, they also perform preventive maintenance inspections designed to increase the life of your roof. Their award winning staff can meet all of your roofing needs.

The Industrial Metals department has gained the reputation of a high quality fabricator with the ability to fabricate most any material, including steel, aluminum or stainless steel. They have provided heavy steel fabrications for the mining and quarry industries around the world, as well as detailed stainless steel pieces for the pharmaceutical and food service industries.